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Obtaining probate – administering the estate 

Sadly, your parent recently passed away. You know they had a Will and that you are the executor. What do you do now? It can be a complicated process but an experienced professional lawyer can make this difficult time much easier.

To be able to distribute the estate of a deceased person, the executor must obtain a grant of probate from the NSW Supreme Court which is a legal document that authorises them to manage the assets in accordance with the Will of the deceased person. 

It is not essential to obtain a grant in every case, but Mantel Legal Services can assist you in determining the assets and debts of the estate and filing an application if there is a Will. Once the grant has been made, we can assist you in paying any debts and distributing the assets as indicated by the deceased.  Again, where a person has died without leaving a Will, we are able to assist in applying for a grant of Letters of Administration and organising the distribution of the estate.  

Fees charged vary according to the prescribed scale fees related to the size of the estate.