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We come to you to prepare your Will, POA, EG

We will come to you

   We will come to you to

 prepare your Will, Power of

Attorney and Enduring 



Alice Mantel is a professional and caring lawyer who will come to your residential facility, home or office to take instructions and prepare your Will, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship and ensure that your documents are signed and witnessed for a reasonable agreed fee.   

Having a valid Will ensures that you are able to give your assets to the people that you care about. If your Will is not regularly updated, your loved ones may miss out on their proper share.  Having a Will that reflects your real intentions ensures that all your assets are distributed to the appropriate people and reduces family disputes arising in the future.  Quoted prices apply to standard Wills and complex Wills will be at an additional charge. 

Preparing a Power of Attorney is as important for life planning as making a Will. Appointing an attorney gives those you trust the legal authority to manage your financial affairs either for a short time, such as an extended trip, or for a time when you can no longer manage on your own.  

Urgent appointments outside usual business hours will attract a surcharge.  

Managing your lifestyle decisions

You can decide your future medical treament

You can appoint someone as an Enduring Guardian to make lifestyle, health and medical decisions when you are not able to do this for yourself. Your Enduring Guardian may decide where you live, what services are provided to you at home and what medical treatment you receive. This means that your wishes can be respected when you cannot speak for yourself.

You might wish to consider developing an Advanced Care Directive which can record your specific wishes about the treatment you wish to receive. There is no specific form but it can be a good idea to ensure that your directions are followed when you do not have capacity to insist on a course of action. You must voluntarily make such a Directive and it should be specific to your current situation and should be discussed with your doctor.

Mantel Legal Services can also assist with obtaining probate - see the Obtaining Probate page.